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How easy is this? Sign up or log on, chose your template, upload your list … it's that easy!

Let's break it down again:

Sign up: Simple.
Create an account or logon, even more simple, at least for those of us blessed with good memories.
What you'll need to create an account:
1. Your First Name.
2. Your Last Name.
3. Your Company Name.
4. Your Title.
5. Your Street Address.
6. Your Suite/Apt# Address (if applicable.)
7. Your City.
8. Your State/Province.
9. Your Zip/Postal.
10. Your Country.
11. Your Logo (if you're ready to share.)
12. Your eMail Address.

Chose your template: Fun.
This is pretty self explanatory, and we have made it extremely easy with out 4 step process.

Upload your list: I'm scared
Don't be frightened, this is a little more complex, but we do our best to help you through it. You can download a template and copy and paste/match your data to our predefined columns. We'll de-dupe (remove all duplicate records) the list for you. Define your list as seed or recipient, we even guide you through this, and the best part is, we'll store your list for later sendings. You only have to do this once. See, it's not so bad.

That's it, all you have to do is pay for the campaign.

Our Products

Branded Seasonal eCards
Finally! A simple, effective and affordable way to stay connected with Custom Branded eCards.

Custom Seasonal eMails
Starting at just $50 these elegant eMail templates are The most cost effective way to engage your audience.

Automated eNewsletters
This simple plan helps you organize and maintain your weekly, monthly or quarterly updates.

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